How to apply for a PAWS Dog

Service or Assistance Dog
To qualify for one of our fully trained service or assistance dogs you must be a disabled American Veteran or a child with a qualifying disability. Please keep in mind that we train for physical support and mobility assistance.

We occaisonally accept other applications on a case-by-case basis.

Children must be over the age of 6 to apply for a service or assistance dog.

Support Dog
Our Support Dogs are gifted to those who may not qualify for a fully trained service or assistance dog but meet all other program guidelines for placement of a skilled dog.

Children with Autism or other related developmental disorders are encouraged to apply but must meet all other program requirements.

Please note that Support Dogs do not qualify for Public Access Rights under ADA LAW.

Facilities Dog
PAWS Facilities Dogs are placed in group living environments. Qualified facilities include group homes for children, senior centers and other group living settings that may be deemed appropriate by the PAWS staff.

Applications may be requested via our Contact Us page or email us here -