Image Annual Fund Campaign
Each year we raise, train and place service, support and therapy dogs to children and veterans with physical, neurological and developmental disabilities. Our dogs are provided at NO COST to the recipient.

We invest 2 or more years of full-time nutritional support, veterinary care, supplies and equipment along with individualized intensive training and - we pledge a life-time of team support after placement.

We currently have 10 Golden Retrievers in our program - with 4 of these PAWS dogs nearing graduation. The next class of PAWS puppies arrives in November, and soon, we will announce upcoming placements to 2 individuals - both United States Marine Corp. veterans.

Image On a national level, it is estimated that for every 1500 people who would benefit from a service dog, there is only ONE dog available.

Service Dogs are the mostly highly trained and skilled of all Assistance Dogs available. Under the 2011 Title II and Title III updates to ADA Law, Service Animals are clearly defined as dogs that work and perform specifically trained tasks for a person with a disability.

We are a proud Candidate Member of Assistance Dogs International (ADI) and we strictly adhere to all ADI standards, including ADA, HUD and FAA laws and regulations.

Finalizing ONE placement, along with guaranteeing a life-time of team support requires an investment from PAWS of over $35,000.00.

Like all other non-profit organizations, there are a multitude of expenses. Rent, utilities, supplies, nutritional support, veterinary care and transportation along with meeting the increased needs for additional staff, combined with the costs of maintaining our community outreach programs, have increased dramatically in today-s strapped economy.

Did you know that most service dog organizations have a 3, 5 or up to 7 year wait for a service or assistance dog and that PAWS is the only organization of its kind in SW Florida? Service and assistance dogs for Veterans, remains an unfunded mandate and there are no federal or state funds available. For the family of a child with a disability, there are even fewer options.

Today, PAWS is completely dependent on the generosity of its many friends and supporters. Without YOU, we can't even begin to address the needs of one of our applicants.

Do you know how important YOUR Pledge of Support is?

To sustain our programs and provide for our ability to deliver our service dogs in the coming months we must meet an immediate budget need of $100,000.00. Beyond this, we are tasked with raising an additional $300,000.00 to continue to provide an unparalleled level of compassionate canine care and plan for our placements through 2014.

This is a huge job - our Mission is important and, the simple truth is - we cannot carry on our work without your help.

No hero should walk alone and a child's dream of a canine helper should not go unfulfilled.
One person can make a difference -Together, we can repair a shattered life.

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image Donor Opportunities- Our donors are very special and we count on the support of the community to fund our programs. Every donor, every donation, is used efficiently and with our Mission Statement in mind. Please consider helping us as we change lives - you can make a difference.
  • $2,500 - Help us to bring a new puppy into the program

  • $1,000 - Toy Fund - Afterall, every dog is entitled to having fun!

  • $5,000 - Veterinary Care Fund

  • $30,000 - Provide a Canine Hero to a Proud Patriot

  • $500 - Service dog vests & capes

  • $750 - Basic Training Supplies

  • $1,500 - Food & Nutritional Support

    Ask us how your organization or corporation can sponsor a puppy for its lifetime!

    Would you like to honor a loved one? Please consider PAWS Assistance Dogs as a recipient.

    Have you considered a Legacy Gift via Life Insurance, Annuity, Trust or Bequest?

    Please discuss a Legacy Gift or Endowment to PAWS with your personal financial representative today!

Donor inquiries can be directed below:
PAWS Assistance Dogs, Inc.
3173 Horseshoe Drive South
Naples, FL 34104