Volunteer Opportunities

Be A HERO - Volunteer Today.

Are you an Expert Fundraiser, GRANT WRITER or have experience in PUBLIC RELATIONS & MARKETING?

PAWS has a great need for this kind of expert assistance. Can you dedicate 5, 10, or 15 hours a week to helping us grow? Call us today at 239.775.1660.

Together - we can change lives - One Dog At A Time!

PAWS Ambassador Team

Our PAWS Ambassadors assist with event coordination, staffing, administrative support and community networking. If you have experience in any of the above, please consider donating your time and efforts to this worthy cause.

PAWS Puppy Handlers
Do you love dogs (and people too)? Our PAWS Puppy Handlers attend events with our service dogs in-training and assist us in meeting transportation needs and other needs in caring for our dogs.

Please - you must be physically able to handle a small - large dog and attend 10 hours of hands-on training with one of our trainers.

To become a PAWS volunteer, please eamil us here - info@pawsassistancedogs.com
or call us at 239.775.1660.